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Local Moving

SCV Moving Company – Local Moving Company Santa Clarita provides a full range of services on your belongings movement to a new house or apartment including loading and unloading. We arrange local moving around Santa Clarita and within 100 miles of the city within Los Angeles County. We have made many transport operations and accumulated vast practical experience.

Our mission is to make your moving quick and easy.

Relocation to a new home is much more than moving a large number of boxes from one place to another one. The SCV Moving Company is an extremely professional team that will save you from all the hassle associated with local moving. Each Client is served at the VIP level, the following services are provided within:

  • Packing/unpacking and arrangement of a stuff in a new place.
  • We will offer you long-term and short-term storage services when not all your property is fit in the house where you move in, or when delays have occurred.
  • You are used to a certain stuff order: our employees will take a picture of the current situation and reproduce it at a new place accurately.

Local moving truck rental in Santa Clarita are often associated with the need to transport valuable and fragile items as well as within Los Angeles County. We are extremely careful about your property and guarantee its safety. Our responsibility is insured, and the movers team is real professionals in their field. The staff has the skill to prepare many small items for transportation, from delicate porcelain and fragile electronics to stone statuettes at the entrance.

We use special equipment to move heavy belongings and we have large foam pillows to protect furniture from damage. Loading is performed on ramps or lift gates, and all belongings are fixed before transportation to eliminate the risk of falling. The works are performed carefully without damaging the walls and floors in your home in the process of unloading at a new place.

What determines the moving cost?

SCV Moving Company is one of those local moving companies whose activities are licensed, and the prices for our services are low. The cost of a local moving is determined based on the package you have chosen, and depends on the following factors:

  • Volumes of transported property.
  • Amounts of packaging materials and boxes.
  • Whom belongings will be packed by: you or our staff.
  • How close our truck can drive to your house and park.
  • The presence of large items: large musical instruments such as grand pianos, pianos, and others, as well as statues and huge mirrors.

We offer the local motion moving service and are always ready to cooperate with each of the clients within the framework of his/her budget allocated for moving. Our experts will explain to you all the significant points that increase and decrease costs.

According to statistics, about 50 thousand relocations per year are carried out in Santa Clarita only. The SCV Moving Company is not able to help everyone moving as much as we want. Make an application for the movement of belongings in advance and your relocation will happen quickly and invisibly for you. If you need such a service: “Local moving companies near me”, you will not find a better offer

Please contact our specialist for pricing and policies on the phone number: (661)998-1212