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Elite Services

Not everything can be packed in a standard plastic or cardboard box when moving. Some items: works of art, antiques, and other valuables need special care and protection. The SCV Moving Company the Santa Clarita Movers provides services for the elite moving of such belongings and guarantees their safety. The Company’s staff has highly qualified specialists trained in special packaging methods for maximum protection of transported items.

Our Company’s staff offers elite moving services and has the necessary experience in transporting the unique equipment and expensive musical instruments. Each such operation is unique and before its performance, the careful preparation was provided. In some cases, wooden boxes of the required size were made with fillers of the best materials to protect the belongings being transported from mechanical damage.

Features of valuables and antique transportation

Transportation of works of art: paintings by famous masters, figurines, vases and other items requires the creation of special conditions for them. Transportation of antiques and valuables has several features:

  • Movement of such belongings is done separately from the rest items.
  • Each of the valuable items is placed in individual packaging, which is marked with a special label.
  • In the car, the load is carefully fixed to avoid dropping and damage.
  • Transportation of antiques, works of art and valuables is performed in support of the police or private security.
  • Transportation of valuables is insured in reliable companies.

The SCV Moving Company’s staff takes the transportation of valuables and antiques with all seriousness and responsibility. When the preparation and during the performance of transport activities, the established rules are punctually complied and the safety requirements are fully observed.

Transportation of bulky and fragile items

The SCV Moving Company transports large musical instruments: grand piano and piano. A team of professional movers guarantees that they will be delivered to a new place without any damage or even minor scratches. In the process of transporting bulky musical instruments, we use:

  • Mats made of foam or polyurethane foam;
  • Heat-shrink film;
  • Packing tape.

When moving the grand piano and the piano within the premises, the Company’s staff is especially careful to avoid damage to the coatings of the walls and floors. The installation of the transported instrument on the place intended for it is performed, after which you can immediately begin to set it up.

Services for the elite moving of antiques, valuables and oversized items can be ordered by leaving an application on the website or by calling a contact phone. The SCV Movers – Elite moving company guarantees complete safety and security of cargo.

Please contact our specialist for pricing and policies on the phone number: (661)998-1212