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Apartment Moving Santa Clarita

Apartment Moving

The SCV Moving Company offers transportation services to Santa Clarita and Los Angeles County residents. One of our activity focal points is apartment moving. It is well understood for us that relocation to a new home makes any person to have great stress. We were able to develop a work scheme that allows us to save our Clients from worrying about this.

Our company provides a full range of services to organize the moving apartment in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, California. We have everything we need for this: a professional team of movers, our fleet of trucks of different carrying capacities and equipment for loading and unloading. We have a license for this type of activity, and most importantly, we have vast experience in the performance of complex transportation activities, including apartment moving.

Apartment moving organization

Our mission is to make your move as quick and comfortable as possible. To arrange an apartment moving, you just need to call the SCV Moving Company or fill out an application on the Web site. In the latter case, the Manager will contact you and agree on all issues related to the transportation of household items, furniture, and household appliances.

Our Company organizes the apartment moving into a new apartment in Santa Clarita as follows:

  • Our specialist will approach you at a convenient time to evaluate a work amount and discuss conditions. He/she will inspect the premises and your property to determine the best transportation methods.
  • A preliminary calculation of the cost of moving from the previous apartment to a new one is performed and a contract is signed upon reaching consensus.
  • At the agreed time, our truck will drive up to your house with a professional movers’ team who will provide quick removal and loading of your belongings into the car.
  • Your property is being transported to a new address.
  • Then the unloading, skidding and arranging your belongings in a new apartment will be performed.

Our experts have good professional skills in transporting household items:

  • cabinet-type and upholstered furniture;
  • bulky plumbing equipment, jacuzzi and shower compartments;
  • musical instruments such as grand piano and piano.

Our Company has storage facilities and offers storage services for household items for a long period or a short period. We will perform packing/unpacking of household items in a new place with the provision of the necessary materials and plastic boxes at your request. Moving from house to apartment will be comfortable and quick with us.

Our Advantages

The SCV Moving Company has been operating in this business for many years and is highly reputable. The high quality of the services provided is confirmed by the feedbacks of grateful Clients. This is not our only advantage:

  • Competitive pricing. Good professional training of staff helps to avoid injuries and helps to reduce insurance premiums, which positively affects our tariffs.
  • The most complete list of services, including the dismantling of beds, sports simulators, and other structures, followed by an assembly in a new place, the dismantling, and installation of chandeliers and lamps.
  • Comprehensive organization of transport activities. We pre-inspect the area where your new apartment is located, determine the entrance paths and reserve parking lots in advance.

Stuff is arranged after the apartment moving in the order, which they were located in at the previous place of residence at the Client’s request. Familiar surroundings allow you to get used to your new home quickly. Moving out of the apartment and moving to a new residence will pass quickly and gently with us.

Please contact our specialist for pricing and policies on the phone number: (661)998-1212